WAMA introduces new 4MP H.265 Intelligent IP cameras


WAMA introduces new 4MP H.265 Intelligent IP camerasWAMA, which is distributed by NAS Australia, has announced the new NF4 Series H.265 Intelligent IP cameras that come with 4MP image sensors, H.265 compression technology and built-in video analytic functions.

H.265 can reduce the network traffic and storage requirement by 50% in comparison to H.264, which is crucial when deploying a CCTV system with long recording requirement.

“Users who are looking for video surveillance solutions with high resolution and an extended recording requirement but at the same time have a limited budget, would find the NF4 Series IP cameras a very attractive solution,” says WAMA Technology chief executive Dr. Wallace Ma.

“Additionally, the cameras come with sophisticated built-in intelligent functions.”
The cameras also feature 2560 x 1440 pixels, D-WDR, 3D NR and defogging.

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