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URC announces Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill integration for Total Control


URC announces release of Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill integration for URC Total ControlURC, which is distributed in Australia by QualiFi and in NZ by AVD, has announced the release of the Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill integration for URC Total Control in the US market.

This powerful integration will allow a wide range of control possibilities with Alexa –enabled devices such as the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Amazon Fire TV.

Designed to fully integrate Alexa-enabled devices with Total Control, the Smart Home Skill allows home owners to use basic voice commands to execute programmed macros. This is a revolutionary change in the way URC Total Control users can enjoy their smart home system.

“For over 25 years, URC has provided leading-edge control solutions to our customers,” said URC SVP general manager Doug Cole.

“Today we join an elite group of smart home innovators with the introduction of intelligent voice control for Total Control, our premium, custom whole-house automation and control system. With best-in-class touch screens, handheld remotes, mobile apps, keypads and now Amazon Alexa intelligent voice control, our customers will truly live the connected lives they aspire to.”

The new integration enables home owners to effortlessly select TV programs, activate music systems, raise and lower shades, adjust thermostats and even turn on or off their whole home with simple, intuitive voice commands. This means virtually any Total Control macro can be controlled via Verbal Button Press.

The URC Alexa Integration Guide explains how to incorporate Amazon Alexa voice control into a Total Control installation. This must be completed by a certified URC Total Control systems integrator as knowledge of Accelerator Programming is required.

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