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Synergy Audio picks up Mobile Fidelity


Synergy Audio Visual has announced it has been appointed the national distributor for Mobile Fidelity, which will be available from October 2017 onwards.

Mobile Fidelity has two divisions, Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab and Mobile Fidelity Electronics.

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab was established by dedicated audiophiles and is a record label specialising in audiophile recordings. It is best known for its limited edition remastered vinyl LP records, which will be available from September 2017 onwards. Synergy Audio Visual will be offering both a stocked range and a pre-order service for retailers.

Mobile Fidelity Electronics manufactures fine turntables and accessories, focusing on improving the sonic integrity of home-audio reproductions. The turntables, cartridges, and phono preamplifiers are designed to spotlight what Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab continues to do with its famous original master recordings.

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