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iRule Manager system for dealers and installers


Created in response to requests from professional dealers, iRule Manager includes all the features needed to create customer licenses, make changes in iRule Builder to the remote interface, and allows access by multiple users and company technicians. Changes accounts are logged instantly, resulting in increased efficiency, communication, and customer service.

“As our dealers continue to install iRule in homes and businesses across the world, many were clamoring for a better way to keep their accounts organised and quickly make changes,” says chief technology officer Victor Nemirovsky.

“iRule Manager does just that, giving dealers more freedom to manage customer accounts and provide faster, better customer service.”

iRule was created by AV enthusiasts Itai Ben-Gal and Nemirovsky when they were looking for an easier way to control a home theatre system. It offers a solution to accommodate several components and eliminate the clutter caused by multiple remotes with limited uses.

iRule is a cloud-based software solution coupled with simple hardware which controls any infra-red (IR), RS-232, or Ethernet-enabled audio/video gear, as well as lights, heating/cooling, shades, security systems, garage doors, sprinklers and others, making it compatible with nearly any system or combination of components. A fully customisable interface allows users to simplify controls, upload their own images and personalise menus to their preferences. iRule is also easily updated to control additional components or to migrate to the latest versions of smart phones and tablets, making it the last remote you’ll ever need.

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