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Introducing the Luxi Electronics SHD-310SM


swicherLuxi Electronics has just announced the release of the SHD-310SM switcher.  The small enclosure packs some impressive features including multi-format inputs, a scaler, distribution amp, audio embedding and de-embedding along with auto switching, RS-232 and contact closure control options.

With a single VGA, analogue 3.5mm audio, HDMI, and Display Port inputs the SHD-310SM has got all the bases covered and is ready for any source.  It’s HDCP 1.2 compliant, so there’s a variety of switching options from RS-232 control, discrete contact closure inputs (which simultaneously act as LED outputs for feedback), a front panel button – and to top it all off, auto-switching for the ultimate ease of use.  The front panel button and contact closure control options can be disabled to reduce the likelihood of user interference.

On the output side we have two mirrored HDMI ports which can have the analogue audio input embedded onto them.  There’s also a balanced audio output which will de-embed digital audio from the HDMI and Display Port inputs and pass the analogue input through.  A built in scaler allows for total compatibility with your favourite display no matter what source gets plugged in.  All of this is packed into a ¼ rack width unit with a 3 year warranty to make the World’s smallest high performance all-purpose signal converter, scaler, switcher, splitter, and mixer.

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