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Home8 launches ActionView Kits to meet focused home automation and security needs


Home8 launches ActionView Kits to meet focused home automation and security needsHome8 has introduced a new line of ActionView Kits to bring focused, entry-level functionality to consumers in the areas of security, valuables protection and home control without the need to purchase expensive add-on devices.

The new kits are the first three in what will be a series of nine and include high resolution WiFi cameras to bring consumers the added value of in-app real time video verification. All three kits are video-verified systems that come with an OP1 shuttle controller, RF dongle and a VGA camera with night vision.

The ActionView Security (door and window) interactive alarm system comes with two each of the W/D sensors, while the ActionView Security valuable alarm system comes with one valuable MEMS-Gyro sensor and the ActionView Automation garage door control system comes with one garage door controller.

Home8 chief executive Joe Liu says these kits fill a major void in the home automation and security market.

“Many consumers want to get into the home security and home automation markets, but they’re held back by several factors. Cost certainly is one but what’s more, a good percentage don’t want the full level of functionality that these systems provide – at least not right away.  But they want the ability to expand the system’s capabilities as their needs evolve. We’ve solved these issues with low-cost systems in security and home automation that provide singular functionality to meet immediate consumer needs but can be easily upgraded.”

Future kits will be introduced in the area of elder/healthcare (ageing in place), as well as additional functionality in security and home automation.

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