Can… or can’t?


It is not about whether you can or you can’t…
It is about whether you will or you won’t.

-Eugene Brown, as played by Cuba Gooding, Jr. in Life of a King.


Success and character are more about your fortitude than your talent.

Sure there are what we call ‘FON’s’ out there, like Tiger, Michael and LeBron, and all the other ‘Freaks Of Nature’ that extend on their God given talent.

What is your measure of ‘will’ these days, and how do you know?

Let’s dive a little deeper.

Where does one find their fuel, their motivation; this concept of ‘will’ is a very individual thing.

Some people really burn. For these types their eyes never move far from the goal. Their ambition is seared in, singed into their very fibre. These hyper-driven, solely-focused psychos work 70 hours per week and when they talk with you, their mission permeates every discussion – they can take any conversation and inlay their agenda, weave their deal into any fabric, pave every contact over with their scheme.

Sometimes, you just want to slap these types with the fun stick once in a while and tell them to lighten the flip up.

For others, it could be anger or a past that they’re driven to overcome. Some want to prove to themselves and others that they have it in them to climb their mountain. That anger scalds them into each day, blowing through barriers and over any and all obstacles.

So, were does your motivation come from? We’ve often found that those who have been around for while, attained some success, and have been doing the gig may have lost a little sharpness.

Here’s the deal: it’s often appropriate to invest a few moments to review why and how you got to this point in your life. Reflect on why you chose to do this thing you call your profession.

Reignite some of that original passion, celebrate that you have great clientele, patient wonderful customers that actually value what you do, and some who even send you money once in a while.

Why don’t you call a few for a short chat, thank them and catch up?

Lastly, could you benefit from a coach? Someone, who with the utmost discretion, is 100% in your corner with sage and wise perspectives?

We could help in this arena. If you feel that you could benefit from a relationship like this, drop us a short line.

Look, talking to us for 10 minutes will cost us both a little time… not money.

Lots of new, untraditional competitors are out there who want your business! It is going to take some untraditional thinking and action to keep or grow your piece of the pie!

To review – what is your measure of ‘will’ right now?

Hey, stay curious and for God’s sake, learn something today.

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About Frank White

Frank White

Frank White has about three decades of leadership experience and focuses on promoting and educating about technology.

In 1983, Frank was a founder and principle of Multiplex Technology Inc. a venture based cable television hardware start up that was successfully sold in 1998. Multiplex built complex multi-channel platforms that became standards for most in that industry. Product design (RF) and radical disruptive manufacturing processes affected industry pricing and created an arena that the organization not only conceived but thrived within. Brand names included the ChannelPlus residential performance video distribution equipment.

Frank went on to fill the roll Vice President of Sales and Marketing at AMX the Dallas based technology control supplier. During his three year tenure sales rose from US$45m to $110m.

From AMX, Frank continues to assist many in the electronic and technology industry develop technologies into successful products and leverage the products across multiple channels of distribution.

He has served on several boards within the technology area. Helping found the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association in 1989 the organisation has now grown to attract around 20K to their trade events. He has served many times as a technology subject matter expert on the many certifications and in 2009 was recognised as one of the industries first “CEDIA Fellows” and in 2014 was recognised with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

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