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Exyra brings out new lens technology


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Sunlight used to be the major source of lighting for most households but with technology now taking over, artificial light plays a big part in illuminating our lives. Recent studies have shown that blue light from digital devices suppresses the secretion of melatonin, a hormone that affects the human body’s circadian rhythms.

The damage blue light is doing to our bodies is coming more apparent as our eye’s natural lens isn’t made to be exposed to these artificial lights for an extended amount of time. In most situations, the retina is strained and this results in a lack of focus and a reduced level of contrast.

In light of these recent studies, Exyra has developed a brand new lens technology that protects eyes from blue light, glare and other environmental hindrances.

The lens are designed to enhance vision when viewing content on any digital screen as it absorbs and reflects high energy blue light that would normally strain human eyes. Further to this, the lens also lets blue-turquoise light to enter the retina which helps colour perception and wakefulness.

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It also covers the entire colour spectrum which makes it ideal for people working as graphic designers, video editors and visual artists while not hindering colour perception.

Exyra lenses also come with an optional upgrade that increases the magnification of your sight and accommodates different contrasts that come with different focusing efforts. This is often the case when working on computer documents, reading and different types of coding.

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