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Home burglaries during the holidays: Increase, decrease – or who knows?

There is a longstanding belief that all types of crime, including home burglaries and…

Ageing in place: Blending technology with privacy

Without question, the technology surrounding independent living – particularly for seniors - has advanced…

How your choice of technology could be impacting the learning experience

Early this year I enrolled in a further education course. Of course, by the…


Security systems today have become pretty sophisticated and far more effective.  IP cameras, motion…

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  • Pg24Brain control... Building the brain trust
    Thought-controlled devices have long been a staple in science fiction but thanks to advances in neuroscience they may soon become a staple in smart homes. Adelle King reports. Since the development of electroencephalography (EEG) technology in the 1920s, scientists and researchers have been exploring the possibility of using human brain signals to control electronic devices. […]
  • Pg56Channel surfing the names of audio channels
    As an industry, we agree on many things. So why can’t we agree about the names of audio channels? Anthony Grimani reports. We have developed languages, vocabulary and grammar so that we can communicate with each other on subjects that are as subtle as the flavours of fine wines. Meanwhile, our industry hasn’t agreed on […]
  • Pg54Life begins at forty for Altronics
    Altronics has just celebrated 40 years as a company and its manufacturing and distribution is set to expand further. Simeon Barut reports. Founded in 1976 by Jack O’Donnell, Altronic Distributors was initially a supermarket-style electronics store that was one of the first Dick Smith resellers in Western Australia. The unique setup of the store gave […]
  • Pg58Amplifying the Aussie market
    Despite the amplifier market having a significant presence overseas, there are local companies in Australia making an imprint on its small hi-fi community. Simeon Barut reports. The amplifier market has a substantial presence in Europe with a large amount of innovation and design taking place in Scandinavian countries and the UK and then branching out […]