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Accelerating through a meltdown

I’m sure you know what it’s like: you have big plans for a day…

Smart home technology, ageing in place make perfect partners

By any measurement, the ageing-in-place trend – allowing seniors to live independently and safely…

Interactive Flat Panels

There is no doubt that Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) are overtaking projectors in classrooms…

Don’t let smart home technology engulf spontaneity

At the recent Connections Conference in San Francisco, sponsored by Parks Associates, I listened…

Connected TV

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    Connected TV intro

    Beloved Connected Home+Business editor Paul Skelton introduces readers to our new service, ConnectedTV....

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    AIRTOPIA in 90 seconds

    Airtopia has revolutionised home and commercial automation by taking away the complexity of...

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  • Pg50Let it all hang out with pendant speakers
    The commercial audio market has recently seen a small explosion in the number of companies offering pendant speakers. Jacob Harris looks at the reasons why. As a glance skyward in many major retail outlets will confirm, pendant speakers are a growing trend in commercial audio. In part, this stems from the architectural trend of high, […]
  • Pg46Psychoacoustics and the interpretation of sound
    Psychoacoustics describes how your brain interprets audio stimuli. Anthony Grimani explains how to use what you hear to grow your business. You may have heard the word ‘psychoacoustics’ and thought it described acousticians gone mad. In reality it’s a fascinating field that explores the way in which our ear/brain system actually perceives sound – as […]
  • Pg44Lifeline to the latest
    A revision of HDMI offers many opportunities for integrators, but there are lessons to learn. Jeffrey Boccaccio introduces an educational series. The HDMI interface will continue to dominate display devices as the latest version becomes widespread. The introduction of HDMI 2.1 represents a big change that will require integrators to boost their knowledge and understanding […]
  • Pg48Adventures with Alexa
    When Ian McMurray was given an Amazon Echo for his birthday, it began a challenging voyage of discovery… I’ve hinted – strongly, on occasions – to my wife that I’d prefer it if she didn’t buy me technology, but there you go. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve spent my entire career in the tech industry […]